Economic Sociology

My economic sociology resides at the intersection of economic globalization, networked forms of economic organization and comparative institutional analysis. Global production networks increasingly embed production in inter-firm relationships that do not necessarily include equity ownership of one firm by another firm. They challenge conventional organizational categories insofar as they are governed neither by formal bureaucratic authority or pure spot market or arms-length transactions. They also differ from the archetypical economic network because there are a range of mechanisms that reproduce these network forms over time. Theories of production network governance also challenge fundamental principles regarding the salience of national level determinants of economic organization. As networked models of industrial organization diffuse globally, the position of national economic actors in global economic networks becomes an increasingly important determinant of the form and content of economic organization at the level of the nation-state. Finally, as an increasingly large proportion of all economy activity (including services and finance) becomes embedded in global production networks, these networks become a fundamental cause of development and underdevelopment.

My research

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